How Spartan LEAN IT can help you avoid the storms:

Getting LEAN is not only important before the storm but during and after too!  A storm could be a competitor that disrupts the market, increased licensing costs on existing products you’re using or perhaps a downturn in the market or economy.

Whatever the storm you can believe it’s right around the corner, if not today, if not tomorrow…sometime, it’ll be here.  To prepare yourself and your company getting LEAN and mean is an important sand bag or plywood around your windows to prevent damage to your assets.

Spartan LEAN can help you cut costs.  Do you know what your overall IT budget is as a percentage of gross sales?  It’s typically %3 – %7 and even if you’re at 2% there is likely room to take it lower.

If you’re a 50 million dollar in sales company you might have a $1.5 million dollar IT budget.  Is that necessary?  What if you could have a %1 IT budget.  That would save you $1 million dollars per year.

What could you do with a million dollars?

Lets work together and find out!